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Electrolux EL7055B

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Electrolux EL7055B Electrolux

Twin Clean

Canister Vacuum
MSRP: $499

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Vacuum Highlights

  • Bagless canister vacuum with dual self-cleaning HEPA filter system.

  • Twin Clean cleans and stores its own HEPA filters. The filter indicator tells you when it's time to clean and the filter is cleaned on-board with a spare filter ready to go.

  • With all controls and tools in the handle, you never have to search for the right button to adjust your vacuum.

  • Twin Clean's powerful combination of 12 amp motor and deep cleaning power nozzle loosens and removes deep down dirt from carpets.

  • Dust cup can be lifted off and emptied with one hand. With one touch the lid opens for easy emptying.

Electrolux Twin Clean Key Specs
Bagless: YesWeight: 25.6 lbsWarranty: 2 yr Power: 12 amps

Electrolux EL7055B Refrigerator

Electrolux Twin Clean Pros and Cons
MSRP$499 This vacuum is more expensive than average and is priced in the top 28% of canister vacuums.
Premium Features9 This vacuum cleaner has an average number of premium features when compared to other canister vacuums.
Variable Suction Control Variable suction control allows you to increase power as needed on deep, dirty carpets, or lower the suction when vacuuming delicate rugs and bare floors.
Finger-Tip Controls Some or all of the vacuum controls are conveniently located at the top of the vacuuming wand so you can operate the vacuum without stopping or bending over.
Noise ReductionNo Special noise reduction features have not been incorporated and noise levels are typical of your standard vacuum cleaner.
HEPA Filter True or absolute HEPA filters are best. They can capture 97.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns including dust, pet dander, and allergens.
Absorb OdorsNo Charcoal filters are not common, but if you're a cat or dog owner, they do help absorb odors out of the carpet.
Auto Cord Rewind Auto-rewind is a convenient feature that allows you to rewind the cord with just the press of a button. It saves time and keeps your vacuum neat and organized.
Wand StorageNo Without onboard wand storage it takes a little additional effort to keep the vacuum organized and securely stored when not using it.
Special FeaturesNo Like most vacuums, this vacuum cleaner does not have any special features that are unique to this brand.
Indicator Lights Includes indicator lights that alert you to required vacuum maintenance such as filter cleaning or bag changing.
Edge Cleaning Designed with side brushes and / or air suction to vacuum flooring all the way to the edges. Prevents dust and dirt from accumulating against the baseboards.
Longer Cord LengthNo Cord length is less than 25 feet and may require more frequent outlet changing depending on the size and layout of the rooms in your home.
Headlight Headlights are optional features, but they are nice for vacuuming in the evening, or trying to see in narrow areas or corners.
Longer Warranty This vacuum is backed by a warranty that is two years or longer. The standard vacuum warranty is only one year and is one of the indicators for design and quality.
Motorized Brush-Roll A motorized brush-roll helps agitate the carpet and loosen dirt so that the vacuum can suction up the debris more effectively.
Turbo BrushNo Does not include a turbo brush attachment that helps vacuum pet hair, dirt, and dust from furniture, stairways, or window coverings.
Weight (lbs)25.6 This vacuum cleaner is heavier than average and ranks in the top 10% of canister vacuums.
User Reviews4 Electrolux Twin Clean - Based on user reviews, this vacuum is rated about average by 58 users when compared to other canister vacuums.

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