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Miele S163

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Miele S163 Miele

Stick Upright

Stick Vacuum
MSRP: $299

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Vacuum Highlights

  • Popular upright stick vacuum with 1000 watt motor and two speeds.

  • Completely sealed super air clean filter and dustbag for dust-free removal.

  • Includes combo, upholstery, and crevice tools.

Miele S163 Key Specs
Bagless: NoWeight: 9.3 lbsWarranty: 7 yr Power: 8.3 amps

Miele S163 Refrigerator

Miele S163 Pros and Cons
MSRP$299 This vacuum is more expensive than average and is priced in the top 1% of stick vacuums.
Premium Features7 This vacuum cleaner has an above average number of premium features and ranks in the top 1% of stick vacuums.
HEPA Filter True or absolute HEPA filters are best. They can capture 97.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns including dust, pet dander, and allergens.
Special Features This vacuum has other special featues that are unique to this brand, and which help to make it more user friendly and effective.
Edge Cleaning Designed with side brushes and / or air suction to vacuum flooring all the way to the edges. Prevents dust and dirt from accumulating against the baseboards.
Additional Tools Additional hand tools are included to help vacuum corners, edges, and/or delicate surfaces on carpeting, floors, furniture, and window coverings.
2-in-1 VacuumNo Functions as just one stick vacuum and does not include a second hand held vacuum that can be separated for other uses.
Longer Warranty This vacuum is backed by a warranty that is two years or longer. The standard vacuum warranty is only one year and is one of the indicators for design and quality.
Motorized Brush-Roll A motorized brush-roll helps agitate the carpet and loosen dirt so that the vacuum can suction up the debris more effectively.
Above Average Power This vacuum is more powerful than your average stick vacuum, and should provide better suction and cleaning performance.
Weight (lbs)9.3 This vacuum cleaner is heavier than average and ranks in the top 11% of stick vacuums.
User Reviews4.9 Based on actual user experience and reviews, this vacuum is rated higher than average by 16 users and ranks in the top 1% of stick vacuums.

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