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Miele S7210

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Miele S7210 Miele


Upright Vacuum
MSRP: $549

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Vacuum Highlights

  • Innovative, patented SwivelNeck which allows steering in all directions. The SwivelNeck is so maneuverable the S7 can even be laid flat to the floor which makes getting under beds and other low furnishings easier than ever before.

  • The floor switch raises the electrobrush making it smooth to jump from one surface to another. The electrobrush can be turned off, stopping the agitator bar, letting the suction power do all of the heavy lifting.

  • The 12-foot long hose and the lightweight stainless steel suction tube are ideal for cleaning entire staircases or other once inaccessible places. An innovative anti-tipping device on the S7 stops the vacuum from falling over when using the above the floor cleaning tools.

  • Equipped with a strong 1,200 watt Miele-made Vortex Motor System designed to Miele’s 20-year life design protocol. And, despite its power, the Vortex Motor System is remarkably quiet

  • Miele’s unique Sealed System design in combination with the following three elements ensure indoor air quality is pure: use of the very best raw materials available; electrostatically charged HyClean filtering dustbag with an innovative spring-loaded collar that traps debris; a selection of high-quality filter cartridges, including a certified HEPA filter.

Miele S7210 Key Specs
Bagless: NoWeight: 22 lbsWarranty: 7 yr Power: 10 amps

Miele S7210 Refrigerator

Miele S7210 Pros and Cons
MSRP$549 This vacuum is more expensive than average and is priced in the top 9% of upright vacuums.
Premium Features13 This vacuum cleaner has an above average number of premium features and ranks in the top 2% of upright vacuums.
Variable Suction Control Variable suction control allows you to increase power as needed on deep, dirty carpets, or lower the suction when vacuuming delicate rugs and bare floors.
Detachable CanisterNo Detachable canisters are not a common feature, but they are handy for using your attachments on furniture, stairways, or narrow areas.
Noise Reduction Noise reduction features are designed into this vacuum which help make it quieter than standard vacuums and contribute to a more pleasant vacuuming experience.
Enhanced Steering Uses swivel casters or a ball for easier steering and allows movement in multiple directions.
HEPA Filter True or absolute HEPA filters are best. They can capture 97.99% of particles down to 0.3 microns including dust, pet dander, and allergens.
Absorb Odors Charcoal-based filters help absorb pet and other household odors out of the carpet for a cleaner-smelling home.
Auto Cord Rewind Auto-rewind is a convenient feature that allows you to rewind the cord with just the press of a button. It saves time and keeps your vacuum neat and organized.
Special Features This vacuum has other special featues that are unique to this brand, and which help to make it more user friendly and effective.
Indicator Lights Includes indicator lights that alert you to required vacuum maintenance such as filter cleaning or bag changing.
Edge Cleaning Designed with side brushes and / or air suction to vacuum flooring all the way to the edges. Prevents dust and dirt from accumulating against the baseboards.
Longer Cord Length Cord length is greater than 25 feet which is adequate for most room sizes in a standard home and reduces the frequency of switching outlets.
HeadlightNo It's not a must-have feature, but if you vacuum in the evenings, or have a darker home interior, consider other models that come with a headlight.
Longer Warranty This vacuum is backed by a warranty that is two years or longer. The standard vacuum warranty is only one year and is one of the indicators for design and quality.
Brushroll On / Off Having the option to turn off the brushroll as you transition from carpet to bare floors helps keep the dirt from being pushed away from the vacuum.
Automatic Height Adjustment The vacuum height is automatically adjusted as you transition between different carpet piles, or to rugs and bare floors.
Turbo BrushNo Does not include a turbo brush attachment that helps vacuum pet hair, dirt, and dust from furniture, stairways, or window coverings.
Weight (lbs)22 This vacuum cleaner is heavier than average and ranks in the top 28% of upright vacuums.
User Reviews4.4 Miele S7210 - Based on user reviews, this vacuum is rated higher than average by 5 users and ranks in the top 15% of upright vacuums.

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