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Top 10 Vacuums
See our list of top 10 vacuums and discover why these models are so popular. In addition to Dyson and Miele, there's a few brands that may surprise you...

Top 10 Vacuums
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Before you check our vacuum ratings, it's important to know what type of vacuum you're looking for. Here's the pros and cons of the four main types:

Bissell 89Q9 Vacuum  Upright Vacuum Reviews
  • Generally provides the most suction.

  • Easy to store and retrieve.

  • Heavier and less convenient on stairways.

  • Bagless and removable canister options.
Hoover S3765040 Vacuum  Canister Vacuum Reviews
  • Usually lighter than uprights.

  • Long reach for stairways and narrow areas.

  • Easier to move back and forth.

  • Moving canister, hose, cord can be awkward.
Bissell 34A1  Handheld Vacuum Reviews
  • Lightest and easiest to use.

  • Convenient for furniture, stairs, and cars.

  • Good supplemental vacuum option.

  • Lower power and less suction.
Bissell Stick Vacuum  Stick Vacuum Reviews
  • Lightweight and convenient.

  • Great job on hard floors like kitchens.

  • Moderate power for quick carpet clean-up.

  • Corded and cordless options.

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